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Smooth Corporate create website designs which are developed with a focus and special attention on increasing conversions and enhancing the customer experience. Your website design needs to capture the attention of your visitor within 3 to 10 seconds and to keep them on your website.

Your Designs needs to incorporate and cover the 5 points of conversion

  • Visual Appearance: The Website Design and appearance needs to be appealing to your visitors. You need to give them a visual reason to relate to your products and services.
  • Navigation: Your website layout and design needs to factor how easily can people move around your site and find the information that is relevant to them. The easier it is to do so, the more likely they are to call you!
  • Trust: Does your Website Design have the trust elements throughout the site. Words on a page are simply not enough these days. Who else has used your products and services? Why are you the best for me?
  • Call to action: While doing your Website Design, You need to incorporate a clear call to action as to why your potential clients need to act now?
  • Contact: How many different points of Contact have you incorporated in your Website Design? For Example Phone, Email, Fax, Contact Form, Newsletter. Each has its own purpose and benefit.

How will you manage to grab their attention? We are the experts in building highly effective websites and will provide you with a total solution for your business.

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