Software Development

Application Development Sydney – Software Development Sydney

Smooth Corporate can tailor your customer’s web experience and/or your worker’s experience with a custom Application or Software Development that supports your business model.

These Developments traditionally fall into two simple categories.

–  iPhone and Mobile Application Development

–  Web based Software and Application Development

Iphone and Mobile Applications

Custom mobile applications provide a unique touch to boost the offerings, functions and performance of your business.  The iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms have their own set of features that require technical finesse to meet both individual and business needs.

At Smooth Corporate we are supportive of the business requirements which may vary significantly. We can provide a solution with customised mobile application development & mobile software development to create a value-added application tailored exactly to your specific business requirements for enhanced efficiency, functionality and experience for the end user

Web based Software and Application Development

Modern business Software and Applications are no longer being designed for the desktop as more and more solutions are migrating to the web. Business processes themselves have changed so much that it’s often necessary to design a Custom built Application or Software to meet your specific business needs.

Our veteran team of experts will design and deliver Software and Applications capable of:

  • Data import services
  • Dynamic page applications
  • Single sign-on applications
  • User management applications
  • Interfaces that support data entry
  • Custom site engines
  • Data integration services
  • and more!

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